15 July 2014
Is NZ violating the SIS Act over US drone strikes?

26 June 2014
US ineptitude leaves chemical weapons option for ISIS in Iraq

16 April 2014
US position over Iran’s ambassador generates confrontation with UN

7 March 2014
Public Lecture on Kashmir Dispute – the oldest issue on the UN Agenda
Press release by Pakistan High Commission Wellington

2 December 2013
Syria’s chemical weapons: is the UN exceeding its mandate?

1 September 2013
Syria: return to the Middle Ages

29 August 2013
Caution urged over Syria situation
TV1 interview (3 mins)

7 July 2013
Bob Rigg – Chemical Weapons Claim under Fire
Radio NZ interview (19 mins)

19 June 2013
Questioning the intelligence: Obama’s decision to supply arms to Syria

29 April 2013
Doubt cast Syrian chemical attack
Interview with TV3

26 April 2013
Chemical weapons, the Middle East, the UN Security Council and now, Syria

11 April 2013
West faces chemical fait accompli in Syria

24 November 2012
Mad on Radium by Rebecca Priestley – review
A critical reassessment of New Zealand in the nuclear age

4 July 2012
Duplicity drives West’s Syria policy
Asia Times Online

26 November 2011
Nagasaki by Craig Collie – review

25 June 2011
The Dead Hand by David E Hoffman – review

12 June 2011
Two-part interview with Bob Rigg on Press TV, Iran, on Middle East and nuclear disarmament

12 June 2011
Keynote lecture by Bob Rigg at second international nuclear disarmament conference, Tehran

22 February 2011
Israel’s nuclear arsenal – the stake in the heart of the nuclear non-proliferation regime
Middle East faces irreversible change
The Press, p A13

11 November 2010
New Zealand in danger of bowing to US will

7 September 2010
Fractured justice: the UN Secretary-General’s Gaza flotilla enquiry

6 August 2010
New Hiroshimas remain probable
The Press, p A15

26 June 2010
New Zealand between a Rock and a Hard Place

24 June 2010
Thin line for NZ in nuclear talks
The Press, p A17

24 April 2010
Bob Rigg: Nuclear Disarmament
On subject of Bob Rigg’s participation in first international nuclear disarmament conference, Tehran, 2010
Radio NZ interview (17 mins)

9 April 2014
Challenges to Obama’s nuclear vision lie inside and outside the US
Dominion Post, p B7

18 December 2009
Smoke and mirrors in nuclear Middle East
Dominion Post, p B7

19 September 2009
Into the witches’ kitchen – review

5 August 2009
A question of engagement for National’s fresh troops
Dominion Post, p B5

17 July 2008
New American century tarnished
Dominion Post,

11 March 2008
One rule for friends, another for foes
Dominion Post, B5

27 September 2007
Perilous time for peace process
The Press, A9

27 April 2007
The evisceration of a disarmament body

24 February 2007
Review of The best intentions: Kofi Annan and the UN in the Era of American World Power, by James Traub
Dominion Post, p 20

25 November 2006
Review of Standing upright here: New Zealand in the Nuclear Age 1945-1990, by Malcolm Templeton
Dominion Post, p 20

19 March 2006
Review of Steven Spielberg’s Munich

24 April 2006
Nukes resurgence
Dominion Post, B5

17 November 2005
Israel doth protest too much
Dominion Post, B5

17 September 2005
Review of Unspinning the chain of command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib, by Seymour M Hersh
Dominion Post, p WM11

1 October 2005
Bubble, bubble, oil and trouble

7 June 2005
Nuclear falling-out
Dominion Post, p B5

12 February 2005
Review of The flawed architect: Henry Kissinger and American Foreign Policy, by Jussi Hanhimaki
Dominion Post, p WM11

25 September 2004
Review of The Bomb: A Life, by Gerard DeGroot, and of Edward Teller: The Real Dr Strangelove, by Peter Goodchild
Dominion Post, p WM11

17 July 2004
Review: On the natural history of destruction, by W G Sebald
Dominion Post, p WM11

17 April 2004
Review: Disarming Iraq: The Search for Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Hans Blix
Dominion Post, p WM9

8 May 2004
Fragile states

Nuclear crucible: the IAEA at the crossroads

12 March 2003
Calm before the storm
Dominion Post, p B7

9 January 2003
International law or US hegemony: from chemical weapons to Iraq

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